How MUA is responding to COVID-19

Alhamdulillah by the Grace of Al-Mighty Allah, MUA worked hard to determine the best course of action for maintaining educational services for our students amidst the concerns of COVID-19. During this time, our efforts are concentrated on two priorities: maintaining the well-being of our children and staff while ensuring the continuity of their education.

Since the announcement of school closures, MUA took measures to continue education immediately. In order to make the time off as beneficial as possible for the growth, development, and education of our students, we introduced an online learning portal. We anticipated challenges but also significant learning and growth from the experience. Our team of staff have put a plan into effect to complete the remainder of the curriculum by the end of the year as scheduled. This has become the new era of teaching. Alhamdulillah, today we have online classes from Pre-K to grade 12 with staff teaching various courses ranging from English, Math, Quranic Studies and Social Sciences.

To meet the curriculum expectations while helping maintain a school/life balance for both students and parents, each week our teachers reassess what methods are working and what we may need to adjust. With a combination of online teaching and google classroom, we continue to move forward. Our students have access to their teachers daily. As always, they can ask questions whenever they need and also interact with their classmates on a daily basis. At this time, MUA knows it is very important for each child to be in touch with their teachers and fellow classmates not only for their mental wellness but also for their social well-being. It gives them a chance to interact with others and also stay in the routine of school. Keeping the student’s passion and motivation for learning during these uncertain times is our top priority.

It takes a strong, caring community working together as educators to maintain a great school. MUA is one such community.  None of this would have been possible without our exceptional team. Our teachers show their support of MUA and most particularly our students in many ways and we really appreciate it. By helping with homework, teaching in classrooms, connecting with parents and supporting school initiatives, they show our children they value education and their schooling.  Thank you to our MUA team for their ongoing support. This collaborative approach is very important to us and is critical to student achievement. 

As we continue on this virtual journey, we would like to sincerely thank the parents of MUA for cooperating with us and showing their support by joining us in online schooling.  There has been tremendous support for our online school from our parents and students alike. Alhamdulillah, our students are all participating with great excitement and eagerness to learn. Together we are making a difference to our school and in helping our children achieve success. We are all in this together and InshaAllah can hope for the best results with sincere effort and cooperation. May Allah protect our children, our families, and our community.

The Government of Ontario leaders and the Minister of Education has announced that all schools in Ontario will be closed until at least May 31st. This decision was based on the advice of public health officials in order to allow for updated modelling and data that will inform the government’s next steps for the remainder of the school year.

While we will have to wait a little longer to welcome you back to our schools, we are pleased to continue to connect with you during this uncertain time. Please send us an email at regarding any inquires.