About Us

School History

  • 1996: Madinatul Uloom Academy (MUA) embarked on its humble beginnings in September 1996 as Br. Wajiduddin and Sr. Nasreen acted on their dream to establish a formal full-time school that would fill a major void in the educational experiences of Muslim children in Toronto.
  • 2002: MUA hit its high point as one of the larger Islamic schools in Ontario. Continued parent support for MUA allowed the school to move from their first home, a commercial unit on McCowan and Nugget Ave., to a prestigious educational setting previously housed by DeVry College.
  • 2007: MUA wasblessed to add an additional 2nd Campus building for our boy’s school.
  • 2017: MUA wasblessed to add an additional 3rd Campus building for our primary students.

We having been serving the community for 23 years now and Allhumdullilah, over the years the school philosophy of providing an accessible, academically competitive, and religiously embedded education for Muslims in Toronto has been maintained and InshaAllah will continue to be so by the blessings of Allah (SWT).

School Mission

Madinatul Uloom Academy’s mission is to first and foremost nurture young Muslim students toward a consciousness of Allah and by virtue a yearning for high academic and spiritual excellence.

School Vision

  • That students will live in accordance with a consciousness of what it means to be a Muslim.
  • That students will strive for excellence in all that they do as a result of high aspiration motivated by the message of Islam.
  • That students will be nurtured to embody the practices of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
  • That the school will nurture great people in the service of Allah through a positively transformative schooling experience.

Code of Conduct

  • I will strive to follow the principles of the Qur’an and Sunnah
  • I am respectful
  • I am responsible
  • I am safe
  • I am prepared